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Anthony DiUlio Receives Two Top 2022 Verdict Awards

By June 23, 2023No Comments

We are pleased to announce that Anthony DiUlio, Partner at Wheeler, DiUlio & Barnabei, has received two Top 2022 Verdict Awards: The Top 20 Verdict in VA and The Top 100 Verdict in PA. These awards are given to attorneys and law firms who secure the highest jury verdict, settlement, or bench award in their state and year.

The Top 20 Verdict in VA: A Roofing Disaster

In Mishka, LLC d/b/a Holiday Inn Express – Fairfax v. Nonstop, LLC, Anthony represented Mishka, LLC d/b/a Holiday Inn Express – Fairfax, a hotel that hired a roofing contractor to replace its roof. Unfortunately, the roofing contractor started to tear off the roof as a storm was about to hit.

The roof leaked throughout the hotel, causing over $1.3 million in damages. The roofing contractor admitted it was wrong but when it came time to repair, both the contractor and its insurance company refused to pay up.

Anthony took the case to trial and received a jury verdict of $1,343,000 for the property damage sustained as a result of the contractor’s negligence.

The Top 100 Verdict in PA: A Rice Cooker Fire

In USA Mobile Commissary Inc. v. Inc. v. DWL Int’l Trading LLC, et al., Anthony’s clients were the owners of USA Mobile Commissary Inc., a commissary that served Philadelphia’s famous food trucks. The commissary burned down as a result of a fire from a rice cooker in one of the food trucks stored on site.

The property was severely damaged by the fire which resulted in over $250,000 in damages. While the claim was resolved with most parties involved, the company that created the rice cooker refused to settle the matter.

Anthony took the case to trial and received a verdict from the jury of $261,500 for the damages sustained. This amount was on top of all settlement amounts associated with the matter.

We are proud of Anthony DiUlio for his outstanding achievements and recognition. He is a skilled and dedicated advocate for his clients. Congratulations Anthony!

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