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Join the Force: Why Public Adjusters are Choosing the American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters

By June 26, 2023No Comments

The American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (AAPIA) has seen a remarkable influx of new members in recent years, with a growing number of public adjusters seeking its robust support and resources. As the national home of the public adjusting profession, AAPIA has proven itself as an instrumental entity in the industry, advocating for both seasoned veterans and new professionals entering the field.

The Alluring Appeal of AAPIA

What’s causing this surge in AAPIA’s popularity? The answer lies in the organization’s comprehensive commitment to its members, with a focus on education, collaboration, support, and active protection of policyholders’ interests. AAPIA extends a welcoming hand not only to adjusters handling multi-million-dollar losses but also to those representing the ‘little guy.’ It truly understands the needs of adjusters and policyholders, offering a home for public adjusters across the spectrum of experience and expertise.

AAPIA has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to its members, providing them with the tools and resources they need to thrive in their profession. It provides a robust platform for adjusters to learn, grow, and contribute to the industry, whether they’re just starting or have been in the field for decades.

Legislative Success Stories

AAPIA’s commitment to its members and policyholders extends far beyond providing resources and education. The association has been instrumental in advocating for change and successfully influencing legislative decisions, ensuring that the voices of public insurance adjusters and policyholders are heard.

In Kentucky, AAPIA was at the forefront in defeating a 2.5% fee cap that could have negatively impacted public insurance adjusters and policyholders. The association worked in tandem with local adjusters in the state, displaying the power of a united front in the face of challenging legislation.

Similarly, in Iowa, AAPIA played a significant role in halting a departmental change to the appraisal process that could have jeopardized the rights of policyholders. The organization’s intervention underscores its commitment to ensuring a fair and just system for all parties involved.

In Indiana, AAPIA took it a step further by actively engaging with legislators and senators to influence policy reform. The organization’s efforts were centered on effecting change that would uphold the rights and interests of public adjusters and policyholders alike.

Embrace the Benefits of Membership

By joining AAPIA, public adjusters tap into a wealth of benefits. They become part of a strong and supportive network that not only helps them navigate their professional journey but also empowers them to contribute to the larger industry narrative.

Membership with AAPIA offers true value – a sense of belonging, access to resources, opportunities to learn and grow, and the chance to be part of an organization that’s actively shaping the future of the public adjusting profession.

The time to join AAPIA is now. Visit to become a member and experience the difference for yourself. Be part of a national association that stands by you, supports your growth, and champions the rights of policyholders. Become part of the force that is the American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters today.

Note: This guest post is by AAPIA President Cole Kline.

Cole Kline
President of the American Association of Public Adjusters

Cole Kline works as a Public Adjuster at Hope Public Adjusters and is the President of The American Association of Public Adjusters. He is committed to ensuring that public adjusters uphold the best moral and professional principles by offering educational tools to help them do their job and fight for equitable and reasonable outcomes for policyholders.