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Allstate’s Newest Deceptive Commercial Could Cause Mayhem For Future Allstate Insureds

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Even as a property damage attorney who litigates against Allstate, and other carriers, on a daily basis, I hate to admit that I find some commercials that carriers broadcast to be entertaining: it’s difficult to hate Jake from State Farm or being confronted with becoming our parents.

What I don’t find entertaining though is Allstate’s recent attempt deceive insureds in their newest commercial by advertising an exclusion in their policy. You can find the commercial here.

In the commercial, Allstate’s classic character, Mayhem, pretends to be a bird stuck in Larry Bird’s attic. Mayhem then knocks a bunch of Larry’s belongings on the ground, and Larry attempts to catch the bird, eventually falling through the ceiling. The commercial ends with Mayhem saying, “So get Allstate, save money, and be protected from Mayhem like me. Now you’re the bird stuck in the attic.”

The commercial seems harmless, and funny to some, but it’s completely misleading because damage from birds is a specifically named exclusion in Allstate’s policies.

In Allstate’s standard HO-3 policy, under the heading “Exclusions – Losses We Do Not Cover,” the policy states the following:

We do not cover any loss or damage consisting of or caused by one or more of the following excluded events or conditions. Such loss is excluded regardless of whether the excluded event, peril or condition involves isolated or widespread damage, arises from natural, manmade or other forces, or arises as a result of any combination of these forces. …      Insects, rodents, birds or domestic animals.

Allstate claims that their policies will protect insureds, but when it comes time for insureds to get their claims paid, Allstate often sends a denial letter faster than you can say “Allstate.”

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  • By Gabby Beers