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Frequently Asked Questions

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Like almost any lawyer will tell you, the answer to almost every question is “it depends.” Every case is different. Every loss is different, happening to different properties, with different owners, different contents…and that just names a few. With so many variables, there is no uniform answer to most questions. However, we here at WDB Legal do this a lot. And I mean A LOT. All day, every day.

We have heard all the questions. I would be surprised if you could come up with a question we haven’t answered before. And as is usually the case, there are some more common questions and even more common answers. They are listed below but are by no means a guarantee of anything. As we said, all cases are different so if you have specific questions, please let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a lawsuit take?

Cases can be over before they start. A phone call can sometimes be enough to resolve the issue and make everything go away. But this is EXTREMELY RARE. The average case takes anywhere from eight months to a year. Sometimes less, sometimes more. But this, as we said, is the average.

Will I owe anything if I don't win?

Most of our cases are done on a contingency fee, and we front all costs. We know you have been put in a bad position because of your insurance company. You have already lost, and the last thing you want to worry about is losing more. So we try our best to make sure that can’t happen. We only take a fee and have expenses covered IF we are successful. That means, for most cases, if we lose, you don’t owe a penny. We don’t want you to ever end up in a worse position after working with our office. Of course, every fee agreement could be different, so be sure to ask us if you have any specific questions or concerns.

What do expenses usually cost?

First, please be aware, you won’t owe any expenses if we are not successful in getting you money. Or office will pay up front for all expenses and, if we are not successful, you won’t owe a penny to us. With that said, there is no set number for expenses on cases. We wish there was. But every case is different. We can tell you a few things that might help: Filing fees for cases can range from about $350 to $800. Experts can run as low as a couple hundred to up to thousands of dollars. These numbers can be scary. Remember, we will cover the cost until we win. Which means there is no risk to you and no scenario where you will end up owing money that isn’t covered by the settlement or verdict.

What happens after signing the fee agreement?

Once we have a signed agreement, we will be able to start your lawsuit. We will get a Complaint filed, served, and then await an Answer from the Defendant. This “Answer” usually comes within 30 days of our filing, but again, every case is different. This first stage is known as the Pleadings stage. Once that is over, we enter the Discovery phase, which is when both sides share all of their information. That is generally the longest stage. Once that ends, we move into the Pre-Trial stage, where we get things lined up for trial. At any point in this process, there are chances to settle, but it is often after discovery is over that the court schedules a settlement conference. If the case does not settle, then it will be scheduled for trial.

Will my insurance company charge me more money, or will they drop me?

Every insurance company is different, just like every insured. Generally, there is no difference we have seen between the filing of your insurance claim and the filing of the lawsuit. In other words, the claim is already on your file, and the lawsuit shouldn’t change that. The same thing goes for getting dropped. What we have seen in the past is that the making of the claim can change things, but not the filing of a lawsuit.

Can I switch insurance companies during this?

You can certainly try. I say it that way because, while it doesn’t change the lawsuit one way or another, it can often be difficult to get new insurance while your current insurance company shows an open claim. So by all means, search around, ask us who we think is a worthy insurer, and see if you can get covered. Only once you are signed up with a new carrier should you cancel the current policy. You don’t want to be caught without insurance on your property.

Can I sell my house?

Yes, but talk to us before you do. There are certain steps that need to be taken, T’s to be crossed, I’s to be dotted.

When does our fee come out?

When the money comes in. We never take a fee before the money comes in from the case. As we have said, you don’t owe us until we get you money.

Is my case worth it?

If we have taken your case, it is worth it. We pride ourselves in only taking cases we believe in.

Who will be handling my case?

Every person employed by WDB Legal handles these disputes on a daily basis. You will have what we consider to be the best staff in the business working on your claim. Every claim is overseen by one of the named partners. You can rest assured that, even if one of our staff is calling you to schedule or discuss your case, it is all being looked over, reviewed, and managed by one of the best in the industry.

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