Insurance Agent & Broker Malpractice

Mistakes Happen.

While mistakes often occur in life, there is no reason that you should suffer the consequences of others’ negligence or careless omissions.

This is particularly the case when it comes to insurance coverage disputes and denied claims. If you feel a denial of coverage was due to a mistake on the part of your insurance agency, do not hesitate in securing an attorney to resolve the issue.


Agents’ liability issues often are the result of simple mistakes. Perhaps you requested (or required) a particular type of coverage, but your agent simply forgot to mark a “check box” on your application. If you are not getting the right kind of coverage, call our office. We can help you apprise your agent of his or her mistake — in some cases the agent will acknowledge their oversight when it is brought to their attention. We will take whatever steps are within our means to make sure that the insurance coverage you receive accurately reflects your wishes.


Some agents’ liability issues arise from a deliberate action on the part of your agent. Whether your agent sells a policy that includes unnecessary and unasked-for coverage, or claims to be offering a comprehensive policy without mentioning significant gaps in coverage or caps on recovery amounts, rely upon Wheeler, DiUlio, & Barnabei

Our law firm has had overwhelming success in assisting clients who have been unfairly denied coverage, provided inadequate, inappropriate, or financially unsound coverage, or not properly informed about coverage changes, limitations, or termination.

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