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Insurance Bad Faith

Has Your Insurance Company Failed You?

Just because your insurance account is in good standing doesn’t mean that claims will be paid promptly – or at all – by your insurance company.

When an insurance company fails to pay a covered claim, fails to settle a case within policy limits exposing the insured to personal liability, or unreasonably delays the payment of a covered claim, the insurer is acting in bad faith.

Insurance Claim Denied

Insurance is big business.

Insurance companies collectively make billions annually from investing customer premiums. The longer they retain the money, the more they make on their investments! They have every incentive to deny or delay claim payments.

When an insurance company fails to meet its contractual obligations, the financial consequences can be devastating.

Individuals and businesses rely on their policies to protect against risks to their assets. When issues arise, people lose their houses, businesses can fail, individuals can be subject to personal liability, and the wellbeing of families is jeopardized. An experienced insurance claims attorney can help.

Bad Faith Laws

The law provides a remedy under a doctrine known as insurance bad faith law. Under Pennsylvania law, an insurer who fails to pay a covered claim or unreasonably delays the payment of a covered claim can be held responsible not only for the amount of the claim but for punitive damages as well.

Wheeler, DiUlio, & Barnabei has handled many insurance bad faith cases and has obtained substantial financial recoveries for its clients. If you believe that you have been mistreated by your insurance company, let’s discuss the circumstances.

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