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Webinar Recap: After the Payment: (The Perfect Claim (Part 11)
November 18, 2022

What is recoverable depreciation? How could it affect a claim? Learn more by reading this recap of our webinar “After the Payment”.

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Negotiating the Claim (The Perfect Claim Part 8)
Webinar Recap: Negotiating the Claim (The Perfect Claim Part 8)
August 12, 2022

What should you do after you’ve shown the loss in a claim? Learn the next steps and some helpful tips in this webinar!

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Presenting the Claim: Show Your Work (The Perfect Claim Part 7)
Webinar Recap: Presenting the Claim (The Perfect Claim Part 7)
July 22, 2022

Presenting a claim to an insurance company can greatly affect how much coverage you receive. Learn about presenting a claim in this webinar.

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A Policy Review
Webinar Recap: A Policy Review (The Perfect Claim Part 4)
April 28, 2022

Find out how to properly read a policy and how to differentiate unique aspects of each in our webinar: A Policy Review.

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Webinar Recap: First Impressions and First Inspections (The Perfect Claim Part 3)
March 31, 2022

Wondering how to make a good first impression? Learn how to make the best first impression to lock in the claim.

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